Renewing Family Strengths
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Renewing Family Strengths offers a wide range of services, all of which have been proven to help children and their families manage behavioral and mental health issues. All services provided are completely free for children enrolled in Medicaid.
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Behavioral Health = Skills Training and Development Services • Communication and recognizing or changing problematic communication styles. • Pro-social skills, such as replacing problematic behaviors with behaviors that are socially and culturally appropriate or developing interpersonal relationship skills necessary to function effectively with family, peer, teachers, or the other people in the community. • Assertiveness skills, such as resisting peer pressure, replacing aggressive behaviors with assertive behaviors, and expressing one’s own opinion in a manner that is socially appropriate. • Social skills and expanding the individual’s social support network, such as selection of appropriate friends and healthy activities. • Stress reduction techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing eon well with family, friends, school, community (legal), day care, etc. exercises, guided imagery, and select visualization. • Skills to identify and use community resources and informal supports. • Increasing the primary caregiver’s understanding of and to respond to the individual’s needs identified in the assessment or documented in recovery/treatment plan. • Skills training and development services provided to an individual or primary caregiver may be provided to an individually or in a group. • Skills training and development services may be provided in home, school and other settings. Case Management services are available for those children and families not involved with DFPS Foster Care.
1) ages 3 - 17 years old 2) Medicaid Insurance 3) a mental health diagnosis is present. This program alleviates problematic behaviors which impairs the child's ability to function well with family, friends, school, community (legal), day care, etc.
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