San Antonio Community Resource Directory
Taking It to the Streets (Nonprofit / Christian)

We serve dinner in a family-style setting in downtown San Antonio to homeless men, women, and children on Saturday evenings. While we provide a meal to fill immediate needs, we also look to make connections and build relationships with the people we serve in hopes that our love and grace may have an impact on their lives.

Taking it to the Streets believes that when Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “Whatever you do for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me”, He wasn’t joking around.

We believe that we love Jesus best when we are loving the “least of these” {the broken, the hurting, the impoverished, the hungry, the homeless}.

We not only exist to satisfy immediate needs, we also exist to help reconcile relationships. We believe that all of us are broken and need a Savior. We believe that God created us all to live in community with others.

We choose to love our homeless brothers and sisters unconditionally and encourage positive life-change in a compassionate way. We offer more than just a warm meal. We offer friendship, community, and most importantly, Christ.

We believe through these loving relationships, we help restore dignity and purpose and, in turn, transform lives.


This program continues to provide grab-and-go dinners at the usual time. We ask that those coming for dinner not linger on the premises to eat or socialize.

Every Saturday evening, in partnership with Church Under the Bridge, we serve dinner in a family-style setting to homeless men, women, and children.

Sat, 6:00pm