Spay Neuter Inject Protect San Antonio (SNIPSA)
San Antonio Community Resource Directory

We’re dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

SNIPSA's mission is fourfold: to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home adoptable animals from high kill shelters and the community, and to encourage responsibility within the pet-owning population by providing free spay/neuter services to areas of San Antonio with the greatest need.

SNIPSA is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c) (3) rescue organization founded by a group of veterinarians and caring individuals.

Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: CLOSED
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Dr Shannon R Espy - Executive Director
Debbi Mccan - Executive Assistant

SNIPSA provides affordable spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs.

Not only is sterilizing your pet helpful to the community, but it also impacts the longevity of your pet’s health ... and your wallet!

In-office surgeries at SNIPSA are available by appointment only. Click here to schedule an appointment.

We provide reduced-cost ($75) spay/neuter packages at our office if you live in one of these zip codes: 78201, 78202, 78203, 78204, 78207, 78208, 78210, 78211, 78212, 78213, 78214, 78218, 78220, 78221, 78222, 78223, 78224, 78225, 78227, 78228, 78235, 78237, 78242

If you do not live in these qualifying zip codes, we still offer low cost spay/neuter services starting at:

  • $75 for male cats
  • $100 for female cats
  • $100 for male dogs
  • $150 for female dogs
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When SNIPSA launched its Big Fix clinics in May 2009, more than 100 animals were being euthanized every day in San Antonio. We knew that more sterilized pets in our city would result in fewer entering shelters and fewer being euthanized.

SNIPSA holds day-long Big Fix clinics, in partnership with churches and community centers, in neighborhoods where the largest numbers of stray and un-owned animals roam the streets. To-date we have sterilized over 19,500 dogs and cats in 50 Big Fix clinics.

Big Fix clinics also save taxpayer dollars. It costs roughly $15,000 to host a Big Fix clinic, which is a smart investment considering that it would costs taxpayers almost 10 times that amount to impound, house, and ultimately euthanize the nearly 400 animals that are sterilized at a typical Big Fix clinic.

SNIPSA depends on grants and private donations to host its Big Fix clinics. Click here to help sponsor our next Big Fix clinic or here for other donation options.

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Our mission is fourfold: to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome adoptable animals from high kill shelters and the community, and to encourage Responsibility within the pet-owning population. By providing rescue, adoption, and offering low-cost spay/neuter options, we are able to connect with our community and enrich the lives of our pet population.

Click here for our volunteer application or here to learn how you can be part of our foster program.

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