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Restoration Closet (Nonprofit )

Women Helping Women!

Restoration Closet provides gently used business attire and accessories for single mothers needing a hand up. We are able to provide these clothes for FREE because of the generosity of other professional business women in our community that donate to RC. 

I know what it’s like to be a single mom in need. I am not willing to sit in the bleachers any longer, so I jumped into the arena and started this nonprofit. I have a heart for single mothers that may be walking that same path that I had to walk, back in 2002. 

If you are a single mother in need we are here for you! If you are a woman that has the means to help, feel free to jump in, and let’s change lives together! 

By appointment only.
Online and Virtual Assistance

Donate your gently used professional clothing, shoes, handbag, and jewelry for single mothers in need of a helping hand. 

Restoration Closet relies on the generous donations from our community and any financial contribution is greatly appreciated!

Call to make a donation.

Your tax-deductible donation will help provide a space for single mothers to come & shop.

Hours by appointment
Updated within the last 2 months.

Clothes. Shoes. Jewelry. Handbags.

Restoration Closet is a Nonprofit Organization that provides business clothes for single mothers in our community. 

Our Mission is to provide support and inspiration to help single mothers succeed in their careers. 

We do this through the generosity of other women who donated gently used items from their closets. 

We aim to show every woman who steps into RC that she is valuable, and we want to help her dress for success.

By appointment only.
Updated within the last 2 months.