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If you are looking to find a treatment option with extensive individual and group therapy, accountability, and accessibility, it may be worth taking a closer look at outpatient treatment.

Everyone deserves access to treatment for their substance use disorder, but not everyone can afford to stop what they are doing and enter an inpatient service. You might have a job that you can’t take time off from, or schoolwork that you cannot get extensions for, or maybe a family that needs you to take care of them. An active addiction can take a toll.

Outpatient services offer another way of getting treatment for your substance abuse while still maintaining some of your responsibilities. While there are many benefits to inpatient services, outpatient therapy can be just as helpful for long-term recovery.

You will still receive a high level of care while in outpatient drug or alcohol rehab.

What To Expect From Outpatient:

Outpatient services teach you how to cope with your drug or alcohol addiction and find ways to manage it when off in the real world. Those who have to return to situations where active use is happening, or there is a lack of support, can find it challenging to stay sober, but outpatient services provide you with tools and methods to control your urges.

Outpatient services offer learning opportunities so you can better understand relapse, coping mechanisms, triggers, and addiction as a disease. These services are often geared towards your own personal needs, so they take into account your environment and history with substance use.

Outpatient allows you to maintain your normal schedule while still treating your addiction, so there is a lot of responsibility and hard work that has to be put into this kind of treatment. Having family and friends that support you when you leave the facility can make the recovery process much easier.

You have to stay committed and work harder when undergoing outpatient treatment because you have the freedom to make decisions once you’re off campus. If you’re committed to the process, you’ll know where to turn for the support you need.

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