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We are an outreach ministry whose mission is to bring Jesus in the Eucharist to you in your home.  In an effort to keep our faith community connected, we minister to our parishioners who cannot attend Mass or receive the Eucharist due to illness or disability.

Our ministers visit once a week on the weekdays at a time that fits your schedule. We bring the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the blessings of our family of faith, and a prayer service. We package this into a visit from one of our friendly ministers to brighten your day. 


  • Recipients must reside within the parish boundaries. Call the Parish office to determine eligibility.
  • Requests must come from the person requesting the service or a family member.
  • Requests may also come from the chaplain or social worker of a licensed group home or other facility

Please be aware that most of our San Antonio hospitals have Catholic Chaplains and Eucharistic Ministers who bring Holy Communion to their patients.  Be sure to request these services when you are in the hospital. 

Click here or contact the church for more information.

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