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The Kendall County Indigent Health Care Program (CIHCP) is a state-mandated program administered by the County.  The State of Texas sets program rules and eligibility standards.

Eligibility Requirements:

Our office provides medically needed health assistance to those who meet the income, resources, residency, and household composition:

  • Those who are 21% of the poverty income level or below
  • a household that has less than total countable household resources not exceeding $3,000 when a person living in the home is aged or has disabilities and they meet relationship requirements
  • under $2,000 in total countable resources for all other households
  • residents of Kendall County

The program is also available to undocumented persons who meet eligibility requirements.

  • Verifying documentation/proof of income and resources must be provided to assist the department in determining eligibility.
    Once all required documentation is received, the process can take two weeks to complete.

Applicants are not eligible for indigent health care benefits if they are eligible for any other Federal, State, or private benefits.  For example, Medicaid, Medicare, VA, CHIPS, or other insurance.

Indigent Health Care is, by law, the payer of last resort, and all other resources must be explored first (when medically appropriate to do so).

Services Provided:

Persons who qualify for the Kendall County Indigent Health Care Program receive medical services from local providers (doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs) and three (3) prescriptions per month.

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