San Antonio Community Resource Directory

Our Care Model The MAC’s innovative approach provides comprehensive and coordinated medical and non-medical services under one roof. The MAC seeks to help individuals with disabilities and special needs of all ages find the assistance they need to improve their health and well-being.

MAC Navigation: The MAC’s services use a family-centered approach with full collaboration from the family, MAC Member, and community partners known as MACers (pronounced “MACK-ers”). Click here to learn more.

Ultra-Accessible™ means that everyone has the same opportunity to be included and participate intentionally in their community. An Ultra-Accessible™ community should provide environments for people of all abilities where they are set up for mobility, access, and success.

The MAC Navigators The MAC Care Model™ is centered around addressing Non-Medical Drivers of Health (NMDOH) through team members known as MAC Navigators that serve as single points of contact for the individuals with disabilities and special needs that The MAC serves. Click here for the Navigation Road Map.

Pre-screening on The MAC website or in person determines eligibility to become a MAC member.

(For purposes of The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™, people with a “special need” are defined as individuals of all ages with long-term impairment of cognitive, sensory, motor and/or communication functions, either congenital or acquired, that are not readily rehabilitated. Furthermore, a special need substantially limits an individual’s ability to perform activities in the range of what is considered typical for a person of the same age and cultural context. A special need may result in associated social, behavioral, or mental health complexities, requiring specialized intervention by a professional. Populations served by the MAC are the range of conditions that are classified as intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as acquired or congenital physical disabilities.)

The MAC serves individuals of all ages.

ADA Adult & Babies Changing Tables available.

There are no income requirements to receive Navigation services.

Our MAC Members are members as long as they continue receiving services at The MAC.

Each of our MACers (community partners) accepts specific forms of insurance. MAC Navigators are able to connect MAC Members with the correct partner.

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