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We provide free assistance with financial counseling, transfer on death deeds, affidavits of heirship, and gift deeds.

Affidavit of Heirship

  • Two witnesses
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Marriage
  • Children and Heirs' information (name, DOB, current address)
  • If available, bring Death Certificate, Mariage License, and documents indicating "decedent passed without a will" or "will is not probated"

Transfer on Death Deed (ToDD)

A Transfer on death Deed is less complicated and expensive than a Will.  It is a legal document saying who you want to receive your home upon your death.

To complete a ToDD bring:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Names and addresses of Primary and Alternative Beneficiaries

Gift Deed

Transfer of ownership of property without receiving any exchange for the transfer.  It is a gift from the property owner to whomever you choose.

To complete a Gift Deed bring:

  • Proof of ownership, legal deed
  • Name and address of the person(s) receiving the gift
  • Your ID
  • Legal Description of Property
  • Property Tax Assessment or tax bill and related documents

Financial assistance for fees may be available

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