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Collaborative Literacy, aligned with TEKS and ELPS, is a rigorous, yearlong curriculum that addresses the core reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills that students need to thrive academically and socially. By integrating literacy instruction with social and emotional learning (SEL), Collaborative Literacy enables students’ development as readers and writers who think critically, while simultaneously fostering their growth as caring, collaborative, and principled people.

Collaborative Literacy transforms classrooms by:

  • Combining quality curriculum with diverse literature that enriches the educational experience for all students
  • Fully integrating academic content with social skills development in every lesson
  • Using formative and summative assessments to track student progress over time and make instructional decisions
  • Helping teachers create safe, supportive classrooms that are rigorous and culturally responsive

Embedded Professional Learning
Collaborative Literacy was designed to support teachers in their own learning as they engage in daily lessons. Professional learning is integrated seamlessly into Collaborative Literacy so that teachers hone their instructional techniques and implement cooperative structures and routines that build a strong sense of community in their classrooms.

Collaborative Literacy Modules:
When taught together, the modules of Collaborative Literacy-Being a Reader, Making Meaning, and Being a Writer-form a comprehensive, research-based ELA curriculum.

Being a Reader is designed to help all students master the foundational skills and strategies required for reading success, through whole-class shared reading and differentiated decoding instruction. It was developed to help teachers meet their students where they are developmentally and to create an environment in which all students can grow as readers, independent learners, and caring members of the classroom community.

Making Meaning focuses on building students’ awareness and orchestration of comprehension strategies. Lessons are designed to deepen teachers' understanding of effective reading comprehension instruction as they facilitate student thinking about literature, supporting the development of critical thinking and a life-long love of reading. Carefully selected nonfiction and fiction read-aloud trade books provide a diverse, rich, and rewarding experience as students encounter increasingly complex texts and build their vocabulary.

Being a Writer offers student-centric writing instruction that fosters students' growth as skilled writers and caring members of the community. This module integrates close reading of exemplar texts, critical thinking about texts, and authentic writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Guided Spelling provides systematic word-study instruction, by engaging students in thinking about how the English language works through the study of spelling patterns, inflectional endings, base words and affixes, and syllabication strategies. Students develop their ability to read grade-level vocabulary and to apply their growing spelling knowledge to their own writing.

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