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SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) is a research-based decoding intervention program proven to help new and struggling readers in grades K-12 build skills and confidence for fluent, independent reading.

The SIPPS program provides a structured literacy approach to foundational skills instruction through explicit instructional routines focused on phonological awareness, spelling-sounds, and sight words.

The systematic scope and sequence supports students who struggle with decoding, including students identified with dyslexia, in an accelerative approach. Each SIPPS level corresponds to a specific stage of reading development: simple alphabetic, spelling pattern, and polysyllabic/morphemic. Daily SIPPS lessons and reading practice in appropriate texts help readers achieve automaticity and accuracy, which in turn allow them to focus on comprehension.

Whether used as a stand-alone intervention or integrated to support foundational skills in Collaborative Literacy programs, the SIPPS program allows students to:

  • Respond orally during the foundational skills routines and receive immediate, strategic feedback.
  • Demonstrate mastery of learning at regular intervals through criterion-referenced tests.
  • Read controlled-vocabulary text to practice the words and concepts taught.
  • Engage with books at appropriate levels to build fluency and increase confidence.

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