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San Antonio Community Resource Directory
COVID-19 Notice: At The Salvation Army, all hands are on deck to do what we do every day of the year—meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable people. We all know that social distancing is the best way to flatten the curve, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We want to help you. Here’s how: • Social Distancing: If you have needs for groceries or other household items, please contact us. We will direct you to the nearest resource location that can meet your needs. • Prayer Requests: We desire to lift you and your family up in prayer. We have a team of people committed to praying for you. Please give us your prayer requests and know that we will pray for you consistently during this time. • Life Navigation Needs: If you are in crises and need housing, rehabilitation or other emergency services, we can connect you with a resource that can help you • Spiritual and Emotional Care: If you need someone to talk to, let us know! Drop us a line, and we will have a caring friend call you to share a few words of encouragement. • Activities to Do at Home: Here are a few activities to help you pass the time while at home. We hope these activities can create some happy memories and that we can be a part of bringing your family closer together. To submit your need, click on the Website hyperlink below or go to
Whether you need essentials like food, household items and water, or know someone who does, we hope that this information hub can be a resource for you and for those you love.
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