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A free program that provides long-term, home-based parenting education for parents and caregivers who are expecting or have at least one child in the house under the age of 3 years, to increase parent knowledge in those critical first five years of development and to promote school-readiness.

Parents will receive a 1 hour home visit, twice a month up to the child’s fifth birthday.

Visits include parent-child activities that provide opportunities for learning through play, topics to help the parents grow in understanding of the importance of the first three years of development which includes challenges and family dynamics that impact parenting, and a check-in on the family's well-being to provide support and connection to resources.

Families with 2 or more needs (i.e. high stress, parent conflict, stress managing child behavior, lack of support, experiencing depression/anxiety, need child development knowledge & appropriate expectations, homelessness, non-traditional family structure) with a child 0-3 years in the home living in Bexar County.


Shirley Seaney
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