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The intervention process offers an opportunity to challenge popular beliefs and myths surrounding addictive behavior. The biggest myth is that a dependent person must hit rock bottom and lose it all before he/she will accept help. Unfortunately, all too often this is the point where addiction leads to serious consequences such as legal problems, relationship issues, job issues, health issues, and high-risk behaviors. Intervention is a method of rising above that and setting positive goals to avoid these life-altering consequences.

An intervention is emotionally complex and impacts families and friends which can place strains on the dynamics of both relationships. A professional Interventionist offers insight and knowledge to help achieve a positive outcome.

Our trained professionals here at Spirit Wolf are in recovery from all forms of addictions and addictive behavior. This allows them to interact with the addictive person from mutual understanding, furthering chances for success.

Spirit Wolf does not believe in ultimatums, threats, or an all-or-nothing approach process. We instead approach each situation from the standpoint of honesty, love, and family; encouraging the client to seek treatment. This alleviates BLAME, SHAME, AND GUILT and begins the healing process with everyone.

We offer a sliding scale and scholarships for individuals that qualify.

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