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The Medic-Healer program is a high-level, two-phase educational program consisting of approximately 3,500 hours of classes, labs, clinics, and intensive field training.

The first phase is spent as an apprentice, gaining a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. The second phase is spent as a journeymxn, solidifying both skills and knowledge through advanced studies, student teaching, and remote field team missions meant to test competency and readiness.

A Medic-Healer must be able to care for their people in any situation or scenario. Therefore this educational program has been designed to equip the student with a high level of personal sovereignty.

Classes include but are not limited to Indigenous Plant Practices, Emergency and Acute Medicine, Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition and Cooking, Advance Medicine Making, Emergency birth work, Ancestral living practices, Defense, and Cultural Competency.


The program is free for those accepted and prioritizes Indigenous, Black, Racialized, and LGBTQ.

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