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San Antonio Community Resource Directory
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Dial 211 on your phone
or dial (877) 541-7905

2-1-1 is a free and anonymous hotline that helps people find information about local resources in their community. Calling 2-1-1 is the starting point for making a connection to community services such as food, clothing, shelter, employment, and during disasters, to name a few. We maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date database that is updated regularly according to industry standards.

24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays
(877) 541-7905
Maria Gansel - 211 VP Operations Send email
(210) 352-7000
This program is active until Nov. 15, 2021

The deadline for those who didn’t file with the IRS for 2020 to apply for the Child Tax Credit is November 15th

Visit getctc.org to file your simplified return now.

VITA locations are also open and able to assist. Find VITA locations here.

The Child Tax Credit program can reduce the Federal tax you owe by $1,000 for each qualifying child.

Important changes to the Child Tax Credit will help many families receive advance payments of the credit starting in summer 2021. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will pay half the total credit amount in advance monthly payments beginning July 15, 2021. You will claim the other half when you file your 2021 income tax return. These changes apply to the 2021 tax year only.

Click here for more information and updates.


To be eligible for this benefit program, the child you are claiming the credit for must be under the age of 17. A qualifying child must be a son, daughter, foster child, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or a descendant of any of them (for example, your grandchild, niece, or nephew).

(800) 829-1040
COVID-19 Notice

Critical funds are available to help residents who are struggling to pay rent, utilities, internet, groceries, medicine, and fuel.

This program provides housing (rent or mortgage), utility, and internet assistance to qualifying individuals or families during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, qualifying individuals or families will receive $150-$300 (based on household size) for food and other necessities through the Family Independence Initiative.

Please review the following eligibility and documentation requirements before beginning the application process.

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

• Be a current resident of the City of San Antonio;

• Be the primary lease or mortgage holder in a multifamily unit, mobile home, or single-family home within the city limits of San Antonio;

• May only apply for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance related to one primary property;

• Have a household income at or below 100% of the area median income (AMI) as defined by HUD; and

• Provide ID and proof of hardship. Acceptable forms of documentation are listed here.

Apply here

To limit the spread of COVID-19, meetings are by appointment only until further notice.
If you need assistance completing the application, please call (210) 207-5910.
COVID-19 Notice

LiftFund is ready to assist you during this time. We have special public and private partnerships to assist small businesses across our footprint. Please note that there is limited funding for the special programs, but we are offering a LiftFund COVID-19 loan to assist small businesses during this time.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests and ask that you go online to schedule an appointment.

Click here for more details and to schedule an appointment.

This program is in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


By appointment only.

Program offers assistance to clients recovering from a natural or manmade disaster, including hurricanes, fire, or flood.

Assistance provided with Red Cross referral or FEMA documentation. Assistance provided with food, clothing, household items, transportation, utility, or rental assistance based on availability of funding.

Lydia Cardenas
(210) 226-6178

HOPE is a multifunctional mobile unit that provides assistance in San Antonio and surrounding counties to address homelessness, food insecurity, disaster response, and humanitarian relief at the border. It has a certified kitchen and cooks hot meals and capability to transport food, clothing, and other basic needs items.

To request HOPE for your area, call Tom Hoog.
Tom Hoog
(210) 226-6178

Mission Presbytery is dedicated to helping mitigate disasters before they happen, respond with aid when they do, and stay through the recovery helping to rebuild lives, families, and the community.

We usually support other agencies with volunteers, equipment, and financial aid. Mission Presbytery also hosts/houses volunteers who respond to an area after a disaster. Our organization is not set up to help at the individual level, that is where each of the churches comes in, we serve other agencies, volunteers, and first responders.

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Can organize small or large groups of volunteers to help with debris/tree removal and house muck outs.

No requirements.

No fees.

Typically on Saturdays, but other days could be arranged if needed.
Tim Mihalski - Bishop Send email
COVID-19 Notice

Call for information about CRS programs in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

Is the official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community in the U.S. An organization of 5,000, working in 91 countries and reaching more than 100 million of the world’s poorest people. It provides opportunities for Catholics to live their faith by becoming involved with their families, schools and parishes; supporting programs that inform and engage Americans about poverty and injustice overseas to help build a more just world.

Carla Ortiz - Regional Field Director
(210) 366-3884

Every Sunday a group of church workers go out rain or shine heat or cold to bring the children, youth, and parents to church. We have a very well equipped and trained Sunday School Teachers and staff.

Since we are working with children, volunteers must be a member of our Church and pass a background check.

Donations are accepted to maintain bus fleet.

Caleb Carrizales - Pastor Send email
(210) 386-0031
COVID-19 Notice

Find our response to Covid-19 here.

Meet with people that are near homeless or homeless to help facilitate growth in their life with stewardship of food and resources. Getting people connected to a place where they can get their basic needs taken care of.

No requirements.


Appointment only (subject to change)
Christopher Williams - Outreach Pastor Send email
(210) 923-8969
COVID-19 Notice

We are still providing as many services as we can, however, for the safety of staff and clients, we will temporarily transition to appointment-based services and distribute additional supplies to families and individuals. To make an appointment, please call: (210) 731-8118 option 1.

Donations are needed: We are limiting the contact we have with diapers before we send them to families in need. During this health crisis, we are in dire need of: diapers sizes 3, 5, 6; menstrual pads (not liners or tampons); and incontinence products. If you have a donation you would like to drop off at our facilities, please call our Program Resources Officer, Linda Lopez: (210) 461-1871.

In the chaos of a natural disaster, many evacuees lack the time or space to bring many items, especially diapers, wipes, and other healthcare products.

Meanwhile, neither federal nor international disaster relief programs include diapers.

The Texas Diaper Bank fills this gap by providing these healthcare products, without which instances of diaper rash requiring medical treatment may develop and when treatment is not available, serious or even fatal complications may occur.

Texas Diaper Bank Send email
(210) 731-8118
C3 Community Connect Church (Christian / Non-Denominational)

We are about 150 people. Very racially diversified. Many blended families. Many single-parent families. We have both skilled and professional individuals.

We have a food pantry that operates once each month.

We also do other events about once each quarter, such as school supply giveaways, graffiti wipeouts, marriage retreats, homeless backpacks, mentoring, etc.

(210) 793-9352 Send email
Ruben Trevino - Lead Pastor Send email
(210) 793-9352
Terry Trevino - Pastor Send email
(210) 274-7379
Northwest Hills United Methodist Church (Christian / Methodist / United)
COVID-19 Notice

Click here for details of current services and programs, or call the church office.

From a few people gathering in a ranch house in the woods northwest of San Antonio, now in the heart of the suburbs, Northwest Hills has shared the life-changing power of Christ with any and all who seek Him. Seekers ask questions, believers dig deeper, those in need find help, the lonely find friends, and spectators discover the fulfillment of serving others. There's a place for you!

We have ministries and programs for all ages as well as connections to service opportunities with the church, locally, and globally.

Monday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Wednesday:9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Friday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
(210) 681-3751 Send email
David Trawick - Senior Pastor Send email
(210) 681-3754
Debi Duke - Administrative Assistant Send email
(210) 681-3751

Spring Creek United Methodist Church Disaster Relief Effort is an outreach ministry of Spring Creek United Methodist Church. The purpose of C.A.R.E.S is to provide individuals with in-kind assistance to address needs that arise from natural disasters, catastrophic events, or other emergencies, if such needs are not addressed by the individuals’ existing financial resources, insurance, government assistance, or other private assistance.

C.A.R.E.S will provide in-kind assistance by paying for property, the use of property, or services necessary to meet a recipient’s needs. C.A.R.E.S will not provide cash to individual recipients.C.A.R.E.S is an outreach ministry of Spring Creek United Methodist Church. The purpose of C.A.R.E.S is to provide individuals/families within the Texas counties of Bexar, Comal and Kendall with transformational assistance to recover from personal or financial emergencies that put themselves, their family, their continued employment, health and/or residence at risk.

This assistance will target persons who have the ability to provide for their own needs until they are faced with an unforeseen circumstance that puts that individual/family at risk for falling into a future of recurring assistance, potential homelessness and for families and children, the possibility of generational poverty. The transformational assistance would be significant enough to see the individual/family through their current challenge and provide a "hand up" that will put them back on track to being self sufficient without further assistance.

C.A.R.E.S will provide in-kind assistance by paying for expenses related to such needs as Rent/Mortgage, Household Expenses, Home/Business/Auto Repair, Medical/Health/Rehabilitation and Training/Employment/Education. This list is not comprehensive but provides the intent of the Fund’s uses. C.A.R.E.S. will not provide cash to individual recipients. As needed, the recipient may be required to attend financial training that will assist them with budgeting and managing their available resources in the future.

The purpose of C.A.R.E.S is to provide individuals/families within the Texas counties of Bexar, Comal and Kendall with transformational assistance to recover from personal or financial emergencies.

Free to individuals and families.

(830) 981-8331