SACRD Inclusion Statement

Inclusion is actively extending an invitation to all people.

Inclusion is equal-opportunity. It does not discriminate on the basis of person or place.

Inclusion is more than saying, “All are welcome.” It is not a sentiment alone. Inclusion is not passive.

As a practice, Inclusion engages people. Inclusion is an opportunity to connect with one another. It prompts us to look beyond ourselves, and discover how expansive “we” can be.

Inclusion is how we define it together.

Inclusion is practiced through a posture of learning. It does not necessitate that we know all the answers, but that we invite sufficient variety into the room and to the table.

Inclusion is a shared responsibility. It demands collective and continuous effort.

Inclusion may be a matter of treating others as one wishes to be treated. Inclusion may more often mean treating people as they wish to be treated.

Through Inclusion, we exhibit curiosity about one another, and the diverse ways in which we feel welcomed.

Inclusion activates the power of diversity, the variety among the whole of us.

Inclusion is a friend of Equity.

As a practice, Inclusion is one mechanism of checks and balances that helps ensure we are acting in integrity with our stated values.

The invitation lent by Inclusion need not be accepted. It is the choice of those invited to join.

Inclusion requires empathy of us. And willing patience.

Inclusion is an evolving and lived practice. It cannot be comprehensively outlined in the span of one page or statement.

At SACRD, Inclusion is connecting all people with compassionate community.

San Antonio Community Resource Directory