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All people with developmental disabilities are entitled to human, personal, and civil rights. Personal rights mean that people with disabilities have the right to make their own choices and decisions about their lives, just like anyone else. Civil rights guarantee that people with disabilities cannot be discriminated against because of their disability. It is essential to respect and protect the rights of people with disabilities so they can fully participate and contribute to their communities.

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Advocacy 101

For current legislation, we are posting Advocacy Alerts under “Latest News“- available in English and Spanish!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced advocate, learn more with our videos and documents below. For a complete guide to advocacy, our four part training series is below, including an in-depth discussion of how the budget process works. 

The last three videos are short and an easy way to get some quick tips before advocating!

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Navigating Autism

The Autism Society of Texas welcomes your phone calls and emails. Our trained Navigating Autism Specialists provide many resources services and support across the state for children and adults on the Autism spectrum. Please keep in mind that our helpline does not provide direct services/assistance, such as treatment,  legal services, and case management.

Please be sure to provide your city or ZIP code, whether you are seeking information for a child or an adult, and a detailed description of your problem or the resources you need when submitting your question or inquiry. Please also include your phone number and email address in the body of your email so we can be sure we can get back to you!

To speak to an I&R Specialist contact, 512-479-4199, Ext 2, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Estamos aquí para proporcionarte información y referencias gratuitas. Por favor llámanos al 512-479-4199, Ext. 3 o envíanos un correo electrónico a [email protected].


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Our office is temporarily closed; all services are being provided remotely until further notice. Please phone for more information or to get started. 

This clinic helps families of children with disabilities who are transitioning to adulthood. Families and students are counseled on legal documents that will allow the student to obtain support and help without the need for guardianship.

Persons interested in having the clinic at their school or in their community should contact [email protected].

TRLA representation is free, but there may be other related charges such as court fees. 

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Our office is temporarily closed; all services are being provided remotely until further notice. Please phone for more information or to get started. 

The Mental Health Legal Project (MHLP) empowers persons with serious mental illness to advocate for their rights and make their own life and treatment decisions through the development of psychiatric advance directives.

The following resources explain TRLA's model of providing services to persons with serious mental illness through psychiatric advance directives.

TRLA representation is free, but there may be other related charges such as court fees. 

MHLP Intake
(210) 212-3756
Hannah Dyal
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This program offers legal guardianship services, including less restrictive alternatives, for those who lack mental capacity due to illness or disability, and who are at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

With the goal of protecting the most vulnerable in our society by ensuring their safety in the community, the Guardianship Services creates one-third of all guardianships established in Bexar County.

Guardianship Legal Case Manager
(210) 455-6105
Alexandra Gallogly
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Our agency champions healthcare access for all individuals with disabilities. We believe that people with disabilities should have access to healthcare coverage and services that meet their unique needs and that all services should be readily available, affordable, accessible, and accountable.

To achieve these goals, Disability Rights Texas’s efforts include individual casework, training programs, and advocacy for public policies that support access to quality healthcare and services for individuals with disabilities.

For information related to this topic that is provided in American Sign Language (ASL), visit our Healthcare Videos on ASL Page.

ECI resources: For information about services for children with delays or disabilities who are 0-3 years old, please see our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Resource page.

Click here to access all of our healthcare resources, educational, and advocacy information.

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We’re here to help

Are your housing issues keeping you up at night? Do you owe your landlord money? Are you worried about eviction? We may be able to help!

  • We offer free help and resources.
  • Translators are available.
  • Immigration status is not required.

If you are experiencing a disability-related housing crisis, you can contact our Housing Advocacy Team directly by clicking here or calling 1-833-212-4212. Voicemails and emails will be responded to within two business days.

Click here for help with evictions, accomodations, possible discrimination, and more.

Click here to learn about housing rights basics and how to exercise your housing rights.

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6.83 miles away, 8703 Broadway, San Antonio, TX, 78217 , D10

Elder law is a relatively new specialty area resulting from the growing number of elderly and their specialized needs. With longer life expectancy comes complex legal issues that impact financial needs, long-term care, public benefits, guardianship, and other matters of aging.

We are a team of professionals who work with an extensive network of social workers, financial planners, and health care professionals to address physical, social, psychological, and financial needs. Our goal is to assist you in finding positive solutions to complex challenges so you can maintain dignity, control and, most of all, peace of mind. Carol Bertsch has over 27 years of Elder Law experience in:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Advanced Directive
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Supplemental Needs Trust
  • Asset Protection for Medicaid Eligibility

To view more detailed information on services provided, click here.

Varies with services needed.

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Our Care Model The MAC’s innovative approach provides comprehensive and coordinated medical and non-medical services under one roof. The MAC seeks to help individuals with disabilities and special needs of all ages find the assistance they need to improve their health and well-being.

MAC Navigation: The MAC’s services use a family-centered approach with full collaboration from the family, MAC Member, and community partners known as MACers (pronounced “MACK-ers”). Click here to learn more.

Ultra-Accessible™ means that everyone has the same opportunity to be included and participate intentionally in their community. An Ultra-Accessible™ community should provide environments for people of all abilities where they are set up for mobility, access, and success.

The MAC Navigators The MAC Care Model™ is centered around addressing Non-Medical Drivers of Health (NMDOH) through team members known as MAC Navigators that serve as single points of contact for the individuals with disabilities and special needs that The MAC serves. Click here for the Navigation Road Map.

Pre-screening on The MAC website or in person determines eligibility to become a MAC member.

(For purposes of The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™, people with a “special need” are defined as individuals of all ages with long-term impairment of cognitive, sensory, motor and/or communication functions, either congenital or acquired, that are not readily rehabilitated. Furthermore, a special need substantially limits an individual’s ability to perform activities in the range of what is considered typical for a person of the same age and cultural context. A special need may result in associated social, behavioral, or mental health complexities, requiring specialized intervention by a professional. Populations served by the MAC are the range of conditions that are classified as intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as acquired or congenital physical disabilities.)

The MAC serves individuals of all ages.

ADA Adult & Babies Changing Tables available.

There are no income requirements to receive Navigation services.

Our MAC Members are members as long as they continue receiving services at The MAC.

Each of our MACers (community partners) accepts specific forms of insurance. MAC Navigators are able to connect MAC Members with the correct partner.

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If you are a professional who serves individuals with learning disabilities you understand the need to provide effective services and assistance to these individuals. It is essential to understand the characteristics of learning disabilities (LD) and associated conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to help make informed decisions.

This information on the basics, assessment, and evaluation, specifics on children and adults with learning disabilities, mental health issues, and professional resources will be frequently updated with articles by our professional advisory board and other professionals who share their experience and knowledge with LDA.

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