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Our mission is to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy in San Antonio and Texas in order to support the development of strong families and positively impact the future of our community. Healthy Futures promotes and provides the strategies that work to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy in San Antonio and Texas by: • Bringing the best of science-based approaches to empower parents, teens, and young adults; and • Developing a common-ground approach that the community can support.
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Healthy Futures of Texas and three of San Antonio’s Alamo Community Colleges have teamed up for the BAE-B-SAFE program to prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections to college-aged teens on and off campus. Students are provided medically accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and are connected to Healthcare Providers in their surrounding community. BAE-B-SAFE is committed to preparing and connecting these college-aged teens with the resources they need to be empowered about their sexual and reproductive health.
Contact Ginger Mullaney for details.
Ginger Mullaney - BAE-B-SAFE Program Director
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Big Decisions is an abstinence-plus sex education curriculum authored by Dr. Janet Realini and designed to help young people make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships. The Big Decisions curriculum: • contains 10 easy-to-use lessons, • is suitable for grades 8 to 12, • is medically accurate and up-to-date, and • conforms to Texas Law (TEC §28.004). Key Conversations, a companion two-workshop program for parents and other caregivers, is also available.
Classes must be organized by a hosting organization.
No cost to non-profit agencies
On demand
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