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CivTechSA (Government)
As students solve civic challenges through Geekdom’s CivTechSA Program, they become directly involved with the City of San Antonio (COSA) to solve real-world civic problems and gain necessary skills for their future. This collaboration between students, CivTechSA and COSA, grows civically-minded tech talent in San Antonio while overcoming common civic challenges. Middle school and high school students work on civic challenges during pitch competitions, showcases and class projects. Throughout the year, students engage with the City, CivTechSA, and our partners. If you are interested in partnering with CivTechSA and the City for the upcoming year of educational programming, please contact [email protected]
All students Middle School,1st/2nd Year High School, 3rd/4th Year High School
CivTechSA provides an opportunity for students to solve real-world civic challenges from numerous City of San Antonio Departments and from the Smart SA Partners to gain necessary skills for their future. Throughout the year, students engage with partners while working on civic challenges during pitch competitions, showcases and class projects. This collaboration between students and partners help foster innovation and creativity!
Students. If you are interested in bringing civic challenges into your classroom, please contact [email protected]
Entrepreneurs collaborate with the City to solve civic challenges and grow its startup ecosystem. CivTechSA hosts multiple events throughout the year that allow designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and create inventive ideas to solve civic challenges based on the event. Be on the lookout for our Veterans Codeathon in November 2019, Smart Cities Startup Weekend in June 2020, and Smart SA Datathon in September 2020!
If you are interested in participating or volunteering in any of the events, please contact [email protected]
The CivTechSA Residency Program is a 16-week program where the City invites startups to solve civic challenges in an effort to foster collaboration and growth. A selection committee will choose three startups to embed inside of City Departments and collaborate closely with the City to build custom solutions for San Antonio.
The CivTechSA Residency Program is an open invitation to companies as defined in the application. This means anyone who has a filed business entity (for-profit and non-profit) that thinks their company can provide an innovative solution to the City of San Antonio’s Residency challenges provided are welcome to apply! HOW TO REGISTER? Applications are open and due March 13, 2020! To view this solicitation, go to the SAePS portal; If you have not completed the City’s SAePS Vendor Registration, you must do so in order to view the solicitation and submit a response. Once you have logged on to the SAePS portal, click on “My Bids” (first), if not viewable then click “Other Bids” (to view all already published competitive bids). TO REGISTER: You will need to complete the vendor registration by accessing the SAePS Vendor Registration at Questions regarding registration may be submitted to the SAePS Hotline at (210) 207-0118 or by email at [email protected] with “SAePS Portal” on the subject line so this can be expedited.
16-WEEK RESIDENCY The selected startups will work closely with the City, Geekdom, and CivTechSA throughout the duration of the Residency Program in order to have access to a rich community of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors, ensuring the solutions are well-developed and on target with City needs.