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USAHello’s platform serves as a hub for trustworthy information and educational resources visited by hundreds of thousands of people from diverse backgrounds every year. We work hard to be relevant to the communities we serve. Our information is written in plain English and translated into additional languages to ensure it is accessible to as many people as possible. Our website covers a wide range of topics, and our FindHello app (a partnership with UNHCR) connects people to local services. Our popular online classroom offers free citizenship and GED® preparation classes. For more information about all of USAHello’s programs, please visit our FAQ page.

We know that the vast majority of Americans support immigrants, and our How to help section is for community members wanting to get informed about immigrants and immigration policy or get involved with welcoming newcomers in their communities.

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Miranda Kaiser - President
Sarah Ivory - US President
Online and Virtual Assistance

The Afghan Resource Center offers practical information and resources for newly arriving Afghans to the USA. Find help for every status including Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), refugees, and people with humanitarian parole.

This Resource Center is also translated in Persian/Dari and Pashto.

FindHello app

Search in your community for immigration services, healthcare, English classes, and more.


Learn about US immigration for Afghan nationals. Information on benefits and social services, family reunification, green cards, and more.

Jobs in the USA

Learn how to find US jobs for Afghan evacuees. Tips on how to apply for jobs in America. Starting a job search, creating your resume, and more.

Life in the USA

Adjusting to life in the US for Afghan evacuees. Information on learning to drive, finding a home, getting child care, and moving to a new city.

American culture

Find a guide to American culture for Afghan evacuees. Get tips on how to communicate with people in America. Understand LGBTQ rights.

U.S. Law

Find information on US laws for Afghan evacuees. Learn what to do if you are threatened and how to interact with the police.


Information on how to use and manage money for Afghan evacuees in the US. Learn how to open a bank account, send money internationally, and more.


Find information about US healthcare for Afghan evacuees. Learn about COVID-19, going to a doctor, how to improve mental health, and more.

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FindHello is a free app available as a website or for download on your mobile device. It helps immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees find nearby services on a searchable map. FindHello lists thousands of resources for immigrants nationwide.

Anyone can add resources to the app.

Learn how to use FindHello to get help in the USA.


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