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Our Community First Food Pantries are designed to provide members of our community who are facing food insecurity essential non-perishable items in accessible and trusted locations throughout San Antonio and surrounding counties.

The mission of Community First Food Pantries is to help in the fight against food insecurity by supplying food and other items without barriers for those in immediate need while acting as a catalyst, inspiring others to give alongside us. 

Our vision is a Community First Food Pantry in every local community, so those in need can access food and other items when needed.

What is a Community First Food Pantry?

  • 24/7 Access - Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and freely accessible to all, removing barriers to food access.
  • Free-Standing, Weather-Proof, and Conveniently Located Outdoors
  • Maintenance and upkeep are provided by Community First.
  • 100% Free - No Cost, No Registration, No Sign-Up. Take what you need and give back what and when you can.

We are always looking for new locations where our Food Pantries could benefit community members. If your organization would like to house a Food Pantry on its grounds, please fill out our Food Pantry Request Form.

How Can You Help?

  • Stop by one of our Food Pantry locations when it’s convenient for you and drop off needed non-perishable donation(s).
  • Volunteer your site to house a Food Pantry.
  • Contact Us for other ways you can help.
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