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Cherie Shulter is trained as a mental health professional/facilitator to provide services in Collaborative Law matters, including Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative Law is a non-adversarial legal process that takes place outside the court system. Both parties are represented by attorneys, but the parties and attorneys have signed a collaborative agreement which requires, in part, that if they decide to change to the adversarial process and take the matter to court that both attorneys are relieved of their representation and the parties will find new attorneys and start the process again.

When parties commit to the collaborative process, they emphasize that the two of them know what is best for them (and for their children if children are a part of their family). By committing to the collaborative process, the parties remove the “wild card” aspects of going to court such as to which judge will they be assigned, how much testimony the judge will be willing to hear, and whether the judge will order outside professionals such as a visitation observer, a parenting facilitators, and custody evaluator.

By engaging in the collaborative process, parties ensure that the decision-makers for their case will be themselves. In addition to the parties and their attorneys, most collaborative law cases also include a financial professional and a mental health professional. Financial professionals help the parties to explore how divorce will affect wealth preservation and how division of assets may affect

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