San Antonio Community Resource Directory

SALSA assists qualifying applicants with eviction-related matters, including eviction appeals and negotiating with your landlord

Appealing an eviction judgment can buy you more time to stay on the property while you find a new residence.

No appointment is needed, but priority is given to applicants who have already received an eviction judgment, are filing an eviction appeal, or have an eviction hearing that day.

Please bring the following documents:

  • notice(s) to vacate (This is the 3-day notice that you receive from the landlord)
  • eviction citation (This is the document you receive from the constable.)
  • your current lease
  • any other documents you think SALSA should review, such as rent ledgers, deeds, emails/texts, etc. (Note: we cannot always review every document or take custody of originals)


Must live in Bexar County’s Precinct 1. (Click here to find your Bexar County Precinct.)

If you do not live in Precinct 1 and would like legal assistance before your hearing, you can call St. Mary’s University School of Law, Center for Legal and Social Justice (CLSJ) Housing Hotline at (210) 570-6135.


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