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Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) lifts the ceiling on learning for all members of the educational community. ALA provides 21st-century opportunities within a caring and open community and fosters a depth of thinking, problem-solving, creative design, and real-world applications. Students develop deep content knowledge and cutting-edge learning skills to prepare them for any and all futures they can envision.

The curriculum at ALA relies heavily on Project-Based Learning, which is an approach to education that emphasizes learning through creating. Projects aren’t just replacements for tests, they’re real-world creations that start their development at the very beginning of a new unit of content.  

ALA is built around four commitments in service of its bold vision for a transformative educational model:

  • deep learning
  • individuality
  • flexible design
  • connection

ALA is open to students in Pre-K to 3rd Grade. If there are fewer applications than seats available, no lottery is conducted and all students are accepted.  If there are more applications than available seats, a lottery is conducted, offers are made for the number of seats available, and the remaining students are waitlisted.  

ALA at Euclid (PK-3) Information Sessions: 
Students and parents are invited to attend an information session after school on select Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 PM. Once you submit this form, your registration for your selected date and time is confirmed. 

As a professional development school for Trinity University, the education faculty at the college help facilitate the curriculum design.

ALA uses the RULER approach to teaching social and emotional learning that was created by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

ALA at Euclid partners with San Antonio ISD. To apply, please click here for their online enrollment system.

Advanced Learning Academy is a tuition-free, public school that accepts students from across the Greater San Antonio Region.

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