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The Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) at Fox Tech is a 4th - 12th Grade campus in the San Antonio Independent School District.

By using the broader community as its classroom, ALA leads in transforming the education model. Teachers collaborate to create a personalized learning experience for all students and foster a passion for exploration, deep thinking, problem-solving, and creative design. Authentic learning experiences provide all students with cutting-edge learning skills that prepare them for all futures they envision for themselves.

ALA is built around four commitments in service of its bold vision for a transformative educational model:

  • deep learning
  • individuality
  • flexible design
  • connection


ALA Fox Tech campus is open to students in 4th - 12th Grade. If there are fewer applications than seats available, no lottery is conducted and all students are accepted.  If there are more applications than available seats, a lottery is conducted, offers are made for the number of seats available, and the remaining students are waitlisted.  

ALA employs design thinking as a major pillar of its educational philosophy, which uses empathy to understand the needs of real people and understands that problems seldom have one perfect solution.

ALA offers college prep opportunities like AP and dual-credit courses, and extracurricular programs like newspaper, gardening, and art.

To learn more, sign up here for one of our information sessions; Tour the school and meet the staff and current students. 

ALA at Fox Tech partners with San Antonio ISD. To apply, please click here for their online enrollment system.

Advanced Learning Academy is a Tuition Free, Public School that accepts students from across the Greater San Antonio Region.

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