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Another project operated by the Veterans Enterprises of Texas is a specially designed center that provides work opportunities for veterans with disabilities that are not ready for mainstream employment. The VETS Work Center is a sheltered environment that promotes temporary work opportunities that will assist in the transformation of these veterans to reach their full potential and enter a mainstream work environment.

"VETS" is a member organization of the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH), also known as Ability-One. "VETS" seeks out contract opportunities with government and private industry to create work that will be conducive to the hiring of a workforce of disabled veterans.

The VETS Work Center’s primary work is "kitting," where assembly of products or materials into a kit create an in-product. A great example is the current contract the Work Center is performing for the U.S. Army who awards retiring soldiers a beautiful commemorative box with a folded American flag, lapel pin, a DVD of information, and some auto decals for retirees. The VETS box manufacturing company (described above) produces the box, and the disabled veterans at the VETS Work Center fold the flags and assemble the pieces to create the commemorative retirement kit.

The Center, which was specifically designed for this fulfillment work, has great warehouse space, robust electrical and pneumatic systems for contracts requiring repetitive "bench work" (i.e. electrical soldering, pneumatic hand tools, etc.). The Work Center is an important element in the continuum of care offered to veterans by the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program, and it provides disabled veterans a means of recovery with pride and dignity.

Interested customers are encouraged to contact the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program for further information on the work of the VETS Work Center at (210) 223-4088. This non-profit entity is approved as a charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service.

Disabled veterans.

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