Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)
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COVID-19 Notice: To protect our employees, our participants, and continue services the Housing Authority of Bexar County (HABC) has made the following operational changes: • Closure of the HABC Lobby • No in-person meetings • Residents will hear from their assigned case worker by appointment using phone or email • Property managers are taking extra care with our elderly population checking daily to assure they have sufficient supplies and that any health-related needs are being addressed Questions from participants can be directed to their assigned caseworker or anyone can call the main number at 210-225-0071. For updates, phone our hotline (210-231-2043) or visit our website at
The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a voluntary five-year incentive program that allows Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing residents to accrue money in an escrow account as their earned income increases, allowing participants to become self-sufficient. Any increases in the family’s rent as a result of increased earned income during the family’s participation in the program results in a credit to the family’s escrow account. Once a family successfully graduates from the program, they may access the escrow and use it for any purpose. The FSS program does not affect eligibility for continued housing. Upon successful completion of the FSS program, the escrow money saved can be used for any financial or educational goal the participant chooses. While completing homeownership and credit counseling classes may be required goals, the main purpose of the FSS program is to educate and transition FSS participants towards economic independence and financial empowerment. The FSS coordinator works with FSS participants in creating a plan to meet both individual and program goals. In conjunction with community partners, participants will be assisted with the tools needed to become self-sufficient, including but not limited to: • Job Skills Training • Employment counseling • Educational and scholarship opportunities • Homeownership classes and counseling • Financial literacy classes and counseling
All Bexar County residents receiving assistance through the Housing Authority of Bexar County’s (HABC) Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing programs are eligible to participate in the FSS program, including all adult family members. As the requirement of the program dictates, only earned wages are calculated for the escrow incentive.
Hermie Mermea - FSS Supervisor
(210) 231-2012