San Antonio Community Resource Directory

We team with several different Christian Counselors, listed below:

Shayne Wade, MA, LMFT

Shayne Wade, who has a license in Marriage and Family Therapy, offers Christian Counseling a couple of days a week here at FBC. He will be available to meet with individuals and/or couples and will be here in the afternoons. To schedule an appointment, call or email Shane.

Rick Surley, MA

Rick Surley offers Christian Counseling three days a week at FBC. He is here all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To schedule an appointment, contact Rick. 

Elaine Russo, BCCI, IABC
Elaine is a Certified Biblical Counselor (BCCI, IABC). She is appreciated for her ability to help women identify problems, provide objectivity, and implement truth in a way that brings a fresh perspective to their situation. To schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with Elaine, call 210-636-1776 or email Elaine.

Tim Russo, Ph. D.
Tim is an ordained minister and a Certified Biblical Counselor who specializes in soul care. Tim offers biblical counseling to men, couples, and church leaders/couples. To schedule a virtual or in-person appointment, call 210-636-1776 or email Tim.

Shayne Wade, MA, LMFT Send email
(210) 646-4658
Rick Surley
(210) 854-9819
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