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Living Grace is designed to provide healthy solutions for your heart and mind while living with any mental health difficulty or disorder, including trauma or PTSD.

Living Grace is a peer-to-peer community experience that has been proven to reduce symptoms, aid in overall mental health recovery, and renew faith. Using the Mental Health Grace Alliance curriculum, groups provide validating support, helpful biblical and clinical insights, and various practical tools to empower personal well-being and greater hope.

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Men only. Living Grace is an open group and new members can join at any time.

Questions? [email protected]

Free. Living Grace workbooks are available in the CBC bookstore.

Childcare is provided through the Kids Club. Email us to register.

Tuesday: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Main campus.
Denise Espino - Director of Mental Health Support Groups Ministry Send email
(210) 918-6707
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